Ship Management

Ship management is an important part of maritime traffic supervision and management, including the registration and management of ships, visa of ships entering and leaving the port, management of foreign vessels, ship maintenance management and technical ship management.

At TMC Ship Management, we have an extensive range of solutions for all vessel segments to offer you the management services you want – when and where you need them.

Our third party ship management services include technical management, crew management, HSEQ, vessel accounting and procurement services. We also offer dry docking, new building supervision, inventory of hazardous materials and green recycling. Our experiences and strengths in ship management are enhanced by this long tradition of operating a global fleet of commercial vessels. We strive to maintain and extend our tradition and reputation for high-quality, professional services to the worldwide maritime industry.

We provide the following:

» Supervision of the maintenance of machinery on board the ship.
» Adequate crew for manning the ship.
» Loading and unloading of the cargo
» Hire the ship on behalf of the ship owner
» Deals with various claims related to insurance, salvage etc

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